Setting an Entitlement date

To set an Entitlement date for a beneficiary, Select the Trust then click on Associated Parties.

Adding a beneficiary and setting their entitlement date

To add a beneficiary, following the document for Add Associated Parties - A Person click here

Editing a beneficiary to set their entitlement date

In this example, Marcus Curtis is listed as a beneficiary and is eligible for distributions from the trust on his 18th birthday

Select the beneficiary by placing left clicking in the dialogue box to the right of their name, then click on the cogs and select edit.

Scroll Down to Roles and Associations in Beneficiary Association is where you set the Entitlement Date

Beneficiary Type can also be changed while setting Entitlement Date

HINT: With help to make selecting the date easier Click Here

Below is an example of setting the beneficiaries date of birth, to help you calculate their entitlement date.

Notes to advise they are eligible for distributions can also be made.

Once the changes have being made, click Save

You can easily view the changes by highlighting the beneficiary in the main relationships page.

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