Using Connectworks Precedents


Connectworks currently comes with over 350 precedents included for your use. All trust precedents are reviewed regularly and have been peer-reviewed by leading trust lawyer Greg Kelly.

You also have the option to save your firm's own precedents in Connectworks for use by all members of your staff only. These can either be ones you have prepared yourself, or you may wish to save a Connectworks precedent and amend it for use by your firm. 

Non-professional users of Connectworks (ie. invited clients) cannot access precedents.

For your reference, a list of available precedents can be downloaded at the bottom of this article.

How to download precedents

For a Trust: Open the trusts workspace and select the documents tab.
Select "I would like to ...", and then "Download a precedent".

For a Company: Open the Companies workspace and then navigate to either Directors>Documents or Shareholders> Documents tabs.

Select "I would like to ...", and then "Download a precedent".

After selecting "Download a precedent" a slide out panel will appear showing a list of all available precedents. You can easily search for the precedent(s), or refine the list by the category of document you require.

Once you have found your document you will have two options to select, template or merge.


The template option will allow you to manually enter the required information.
Tip: You can speed up this process by using the "Find and Replace" option in your word processor.


The merge option will automatically add the relevant client information into the document.

Auto-populating fields can include information such as:

  • name of the trust
  • settlement date
  • settlors, trustees and beneficiaries
  • name of the company
  • NZBN
  • incorporation date
  • directors, shareholders etc. 
  • the date of the document
  • client signature fields.  

Note: You can also view all available precedents (as well as add your own) from within your firm's Admin>Precedents tab.

After downloading

By default, any precedents you generate are not saved in entity profiles until you choose to upload them. After you have reviewed the document and made any amendments required, simply upload the document back into the entities profile. When uploading documents into the entity profile you may simultaneously elect to distribute the document to clients for signing. See more on signing in the articles below:


Download List of Precedents