Downloading and using precedents (supplied by Connectworks or your firm's own)

Connectworks currently comes with over 350 precedents included for your use.
All trust precedents are current and will be reviewed regularly and have been peer-reviewed by leading trust lawyer - Greg Kelly.  
Non-professional users of Connectworks cannot access precedents.
You also have the option to save your firm's own precedents in Connectworks for use by all members of your staff only. These can either be ones you have prepared yourself, or you may wish to save a Connectworks precedent and amend it for use by your firm.
How to upload your own precedents
To upload your precedents to Connectworks, for information click here
How to download Connectworks or your firms own precedents. 
There are two ways to access precedents. 
Precedents under your firm view. You can download a precedent from here and edit either the wording or to add the details of a trust manually or by using a 'find and replace' function.       
Open the trust and select documents. Select "I would like to ...", Download a precedent.
Open the Company and either Directors, Documents or Shareholders, Documents. Select "I would like to ...", Download a precedent.
Only from within a trust or company will you be able to automatically populate the precedent with the details of that trust (such as name of the trust, settlement date, settlors, trustees and beneficiaries etc.) or with a company (name of company, incorporation date, directors, NZBN, shareholders etc.) also you can add the date of the document and signature fields. 

Download a Precedent

The following window will appear

You can either scroll down the list looking for your document, or you can search using the built in search tool. 


You can easily search for the precedent(s) quickly. Type the name of the document you're looking for, and as your typing, the search will be more defined. 

Once you have found your document you will have two options to select, template or merge


Template file will allow you to manually enter the required information using the Find and Replace option.


Merge file will automatically add the relevant information into the document for saving the document or printing.

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