Merging Contacts

Connectworks provides the ability to merge contacts. Duplicate contacts can occur in several scenarios.

  • Bulk Import into Connectworks
  • People entering the same person multiple times without being aware the person had been entered already
  • Imports from Companies Office

Navigate to Clients and then Contacts 

A person with Same Name within Connectworks

In this example, Arlene Curtis is listed twice in Contacts

Simply place a tick in the dialogue box of both entries. you can select the individual up to ten times. 

The following pop up will appear.

 Click OK and the person will be merged with all associations within Connectworks listed. 


A Person with Different Name within Connectworks

In this example, there is a Director of a Company who is a trustee of a trust. When the information was loaded, his full name was used.

When Anthony created his Connectworks account, he set up his name as Tony. 

Simply select the separate entries by left-clicking in the dialogue box to the right of the person's name.

Once merged you will see the association has been added.



If you attempt to merge the individual's in the incorrect order this will produce an error. The 'Connected Individual' must be selected first in the list (as above).  

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