Deleting a Relationship with an advisor or company

This article explains how to remove or delete a relationship with an advisor or company.  

Remove Access

This action will leave the person in the associated parties tab, however they will no longer have access to the trust. 

To remove access to either an advisor or company: 

1. Navigate to the trust workspace>parties tab.

2. Select the tick box of the individual or Company you want to remove access from the trust.

2. In the Cogs menu select remove access, a dialogue box will pop up to confirm you want to disable the relationship. Click OK

You will be returned to the main relationships page, left click on the person again. The person now has 'no access', but there details remain on the trust record. 

Delete Relationship

This action will deleted the association from the trust completely and should only be used for associations which have been entered in error. Historical associations should simply have their access removed, but should remain recorded in the trusts profile to maintain an accurate record of the trust.

Follow the same process as above, but select Delete in the cogs menu instead of remove access.

Once you confirm you wish to the  the relationship with the advisor or company has been deleted and no longer appear in the 'Associated Parties' tab.