Managing my Reminders - My Workspace

Trustworks has made some changes to help with managing tasks and reminders. Once you've logged in to Trustworks, select "My Workspace" in the top left hand corner.

In the example below the reminders in "My Workspace" are related to the Companies and Trusts, your directly associated with. 


To see reminders related to the firm your associated with click here

My Workspace

To reveal upcoming reminders within Trustworks, left click on the date to reveal the reminder(s), trust or company the reminder is associated to. To access simply click on the name


Reminders contains all the outstanding actions not related to the signing of documents or approving resolutions etc. See below for an extensive list of the reminders within Trustworks. 

To see all reminders, click 'view all


  • Any
  • Annual reviews
  • Gifting
  • AGMs
  • Balance dates 
  • Vesting dates
  • Suri Juris dates
  • Identity expirations
  • Register completions
  • Register expirations


Select the starting date (Period), and then select (for) 

  • 1 Month
  • 2 Months
  • 3 Months
  • 6 Months
  • 1 Year

Add reminder to Google Calendar

To add a reminder into Google Calendar, click 

Add reminder to Default Calendar

To add a reminder into your default calendar

Click  to save the reminder to your device. Double click on the file to open the default calendar on your device and save the reminder. 

Export Report

You can easily export the report to save to your device, or email to a colleague. Select the appropriate report

  • As an Excel report
  • As a PDF report
  • As a CSV Export

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