Receive Money

Once you have logged into Trustworks, click Assets and Liabilities. Left click on "I would like to ..." which is located on the right of the screen. Under "Trading Transactions" select "Receive money"

This page follows "Add a income category", click here for further details

Who is making the payment?

  • Rental Agency

Why are they making the payment?

  • Monthly Payment from Rental agency

The date of payment

  • Select the applicable date

What is the income category?

How much is being received?

The Jones Family Trust Rental Account, was created by Add a bank account click here

Any additional expenses to take out?

Hastings District Council was created by Add an expense category click here

  • Select the Expense
  • Add additional notes to specify the payment details
  • Enter the amount and then click add

Once you have finished entering in all the relevant information, click Create 

Chart of accounts

Account transactions

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