Approving Resolutions as a director

When a resolution is created in Connectworks, as a director you will receive an email similar to the one below.

From: Connectworks <>
Subject: Connectworks - Resolution ready for approval

Hi Sue Aitken,

You have a resolution ready for approval through Connectworks for ABD Trading Ltd. Please login and approve (or otherwise) the resolution Authorisation of a Dividend Document. You may also access the resolution directly using the following link:

Best regards from the Connectworks Team

Once you have logged into Connectworks, you can simply approve the resolution from Workspace.

Left Click on Approve

Click OK, the resolution will be approved

Approve Resolution from within the company 

To approve the resolution from within the company, select the company from 'Take me to'.

NOTE: If you click on the company and get the following "This is a summary only view" message, the resolution will need to be approved in your Workspace. The company plan will need to be changed to allow access. Please contact your professional in this instance. 

Left click on Directors, Decisions scroll to find the resolution to be approved.

Left Click on Approve

 Click OK, the resolution will now show approved.



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