Approving Resolutions as a Trustee

When a resolution is created in Connectworks which requires your approval as a director of the company, you will receive an email similar to the one below:


Once you have logged into Connectworks, you can simply approve the resolution by clicking on it in the "Needs signing or approval" from your Personal Workspace.06_client_dash.png

After reviewing the resolution you just need to approve or reject it using the buttons in the top right of the document panel.07_review___approve.png




Approving Resolutions from within a Trust Workspace 

If you have been invited to collaborate in the trust on one of one of Connectworks Unlimited plans you'll be able approve resolutions from within the Trust Workspace itself.

Depending on the access rights assigned to you by your professional advisor you may also be able to generate and distribute resolutions for approval in this Trust Workspace.

NB: If you click on the company and get the message "This is a summary only view" the resolution will need to be approved in your Personal Workspace. The trust subscription plan will need to be upgraded to allow access. Please contact your professional advisor in this instance.

To navigate to your Trust Workspace and approve a resolution:

At the top of your screen next to where your name appears select the "Take me to" and then select your trust name.

Click on the Minute Book tab in the left column and you will be directed to the resolution/s awaiting approval. Simply select from the "Approve" or "Reject" buttons and you're done.