Signature options

When sending a document for signing, Connectworks allows you to specify the signing method of the parties. 

Once you have selected the parties to sign, and indicated if witnessing is required, you can select the signing method for the document.

Each of the available options is described below.  



No restriction in method of signing

All options are available for signing the document online,


Sign and scan a hard copy or enter signature online

The signatory can draw a signature, or upload a signed copy of the document.


Enter signature online or use stamp

The signatory can draw a signature or Connectworks draws a signature. If the signatory has recorded a default signature in their personal profile, this signature will be inserted.



Enter signature online only

The signatory must sign the document using an electronic signature.


Sign and scan a hard copy only

The signatory only has the ability to upload scanned signature of the document.



Sign and scan a hard copy only (no email)

This option requires that the document can only be signed by a scanned copy of the signatory's signature being uploaded into Connectworks. The document will appear in the Workspace for the signatory, however no emails are sent to any parties when the document is submitted for signing, or once the document is signed. 

This option is ideal when uploading signatures for a document already signed, and you would like to show the document signed in Connectworks.


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