Confidential documents

There are times when you might want to store a document that you don't want all your staff to be able to read or access. In these cases, you can set the document as Confidential to ensure it is only able to be viewed by those staff with the correct access rights. 

Setting firm document access policies

Firm administrators can limit access to confidential documents in the Settings section of their firm's Admin tab. See more on the restrictions available in our article here: High Level Staff Access Policies


Creating confidential documents

You can set a document as Confidential either when uploading it, or by editing it later.

To upload a document, navigate to either of the entities document repository, click on the 'I would like to...' menu and select 'Upload a document'.


To set the document as Confidential, simply click on the Confidentiality drop-down menu and select Confidential.


A small star will display beside confidential documents and you can also see the document is confidential by selecting it.

For those staff unable to access confidential documents, the document will appear in black. They will be able to see that the document is stored in Connectworks, but are not able to view it.

You can always set a document as confidential after it's been uploaded, too. To do this, simply select the document, click on the Cogs, and click edit. You can then edit the document's confidentiality setting.