(Fixed) New trust settlement dates moving back by a month

Updated 21 May 2018


New trust settlement dates moving back by a month


The settlement date that is entered when creating a new trust is saving incorrectly, with the saved date being one month prior to the date entered. For example, if you create a new trust and enter its settlement date as 21 May, the settlement date will display on the trust's profile as 21 April.
The issue has arisen from a product release overnight (20 May, 2018), and so should only affect any trusts created this morning. Please be aware of this if creating trusts today.
A solution is being worked on and should go into effect this morning.
Please note that when the issue is resolved, any dates that are currently displaying incorrectly will be corrected. 
We therefore do not recommend 'adding a month' to the settlement date of any trusts you create this morning (so as to make the date display correctly), since once the issue is fixed, this would actually result in the date displaying one month ahead.  
This issue has been fixed.
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