Basic navigation for non-professional users


One of the best things about Connectworks is that it allows all the parties associated with an entity (which could be a professional firm, a trust, a company, or an individual) and all other parties involved in the entities management to work together in a single online space.

Users are invited to access Workspaces under particular roles, which define what a user can see or do within a workspace. As a non-professional user, your level of access will be determined by the professional/s responsible for managing your entity. 

The most basic level of access is email signing, whereby your professional advisor distributes documents by email via Connectworks. You do not require a Connectworks login to sign documents distributed in this way, simply follow the email instructions to sign the document. Once you have completed signing the document, you can create an account if you wish to.

If you have been invited to set up a login for Connectworks by your professional advisor you will have access to a personal workspace. This workspace (pictured below) is where you can store & sign documents, view upcoming tasks, and (if given access by your professional adviser) create minutes, resolutions and discussions and distribute them to the appropriate parties involved in the entity.

Below are details on navigating your Personal Workspace.


1. Take me to...

Quick links to navigate between your personal profile, associated entities (your companies and/or trusts) or access support resources.

2. Dashboard, Tasks and Documents tabs

Dashboard provides an overview of recent and outstanding activities.

Tasks show upcoming milestones.

Documents will save a copy of all the documents you've signed in Connectworks, and you can upload your own documents here also.

You can use the documents tab to store your own personal documents too. Documents you upload here are automatically set to private, so only you can see them. If you want to share them with your professional advisor just set them to the public and they will have access too.

3. Manage your Profile


Here you can update your personal details such as your name, contact information, tax details and upload a default signature for future use when signing documents.

Your professional advisor will be notified of any changes and may choose to accept or reject the updates (eg. You can update your profile to display a preferred name, but your professional advisor will still have the option to use your full legal name when completing documents for signing). 

4. Your Associations


This is where you access the Workspace for your entity (a company or trust) to view and store documents specific to this entity (such as minutes and resolutions).

5. Documents for signing

Documents which have been distributed for signing via Connectworks will appear here. You simply need to click on the document title to complete signing.