Deleting A Relationship With A Beneficiary Or Trustee


This document will show how to remove either a beneficiary or trustee from the trust record.

NOTE: This action will delete the person from the trust completely! 

Therefore please do not delete if the person is associated with the trust in any way. This process should only be used in the case of mistakenly appointed roles and duplicates parties.

If you are wanting to leave the person on the trust as a record

Once you have logged into Connectworks, select the Trust and click on Parties. 

Tick the box next to the person you want to delete from the trust.



Beneficiary & Trustee Association

The first thing to check is if there is any beneficiary and/or trustee history associated with the individual being deleted. In this example, Simon is a beneficiary and a trustee of the trust.

To edit the individual to remove the associations, click on the cogs on the right-hand side and select edit.


Roles and Associations

(1) Select 'Roles' on the left-hand side of the edit form to remove the individual's beneficiary and/or trustee associations.

(2) Place a tick on "Remove as Trustee", and place tick on "Or, I made a mistake, remove from history"

Place a tick on "Remove as Beneficiary", and place tick on "Or, I made a mistake, remove from history"

(3) Click Update and Close



You will be returned to the main Associated Parties page, tick the box next to the person again.

Click on the cogs again and the delete option should now be available because the beneficiary & trustee history has now been removed. 


Click on delete to remove the individual from the trust, the following pop up will appear. Click OK

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