Centrix SmartID (electronic identity verification)

You can easily obtain a low-cost independent verification of a client’s identity information via our partner Centrix.

Centrix connects to the DIA and NZTA for passport and driver licence verifications, many banks, finance and utility companies for proof of address, name and date of birth, and the full international Thomson Reuters PEP and sanctions databases. 

Centrix driver licence, passport and PEP checks

In addition to the annual client subscription, the Centrix SmartID checks are charged per check, with a cost of:

Smart ID with Driver Licence             $5.00 
Smart ID with Passport                      $6.00


How to enable Centrix 

If you would like to switch on the Centrix SmartID integration to perform 3rd party identity verifications in Connectworks please download the authority forms below and return them to support@connectworks.com. We will then advise when the function has been enabled in your account. 

IMPORTANT - THE DIA FORM (for passport checks) MUST BE COMPLETED ELECTRONICALLY, ONLY THE SIGNATURE CAN BE HANDWRITTEN. Additionally, the DIA requires a copy of the firm's privacy policy along with the application. If there is not one already implemented, a privacy policy generator is available here.


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