Document tags - Companies

This article will guide you through the process of tagging company documents. Tagging documents create subcategories within the documents tab to enable you to find them more easily. 

Connectworks has a list of tags already in the system, start to type a tag and the options will appear. Alternatively, you can also create new tags simply by typing them and selecting the new tag option. For example, a document for the Consent of Director could be given tags such as "Companies Office" (because it was imported from Companies Office) and "Consent".

For your reference, a copy of our current Company Document Tags can be downloaded at the bottom of this article.

Adding tags to an existing document

There are two places that documents are stored within a company, within the Directors and Shareholders tab. Tagging documents in both sections have the same process. 

1. Place a tick next to the document you would like to tag
2. Click on the cogs on the top right-hand side
3. Select edit


This will open up an edit document form, here you can edit the name of the document, add tags, description and determine the confidentiality of document. See more on confidential documents here.


 Note - Multiple tags can be added to each document

Once the document has been appropriately tagged, it will appear under that tag subcategory.
You can search for documents by selecting different tags. The tags appear from a drop-down menu under the search bar on the left-hand side of the documents tab.


The tags assigned to the document also appear under the name of the document, as you can see in the above example.

Uploading Historical Documents & Adding Tags

The following video is about trusts but the process can also be applied to director and shareholder documents within companies. 

Historical documents can be uploaded individually or in bulk (up to 10 at a time). Individually loaded documents can be re-named before uploading, while bulk loaded documents will be uploaded with the name you have saved on your hard-drive (this can still be updated later). It is recommended to ensure a consistent naming format for your documents before bulk uploading.

1. Enter the Documents tab from the Directors or Shareholders tab.

2. Select the “I would like to” drop down and then “Upload a document (Historical)".

3. Either drag & drop your document/s into the upload area, or search your hard-drive using browse.

4. Apply Document Tags to ensure the documents are easily searchable, and that key documents appear on the main trust workspace. 

5. Enter a description of the document if desired.


Download list of category tags