Branded Client Portal

For firms with a significant number of subscriptions on plans that include signing, Connectworks offers the ability to have a branded client portal for your firm.

This means that when you invite your clients to create a Connectworks login, or when they nominate to do so themselves after completing e-signing a document, they will have access to a Personal Workspace which displays your firm's own branding. This is where your clients can sign documents, review outstanding tasks, as well as store their own private documents if desired.

There's no set-up or ongoing cost for this. Please see the specifications below then complete the application form available to download at the bottom of this page and return it, along with your chosen images, to

In the example below your firm name would appear in place of "Connectworks Training Firm".


Portal Specs

URL: short

Banner: 3000 x 900

Login image: 100x200 - 200x400

Portal address

Please advise the URL address you would like for your clients.

The format is "[firm name] .", so e.g. "" , but feel free to suggest anything different


For the large banner at the top of the portal page, we need something in JPEG or PNG format around 3000 by 900 pixels.

NB: When a person using the portal resizes or changes the height-width ratio of the browser window they're accessing the portal through, this will resize the banner as well-meaning different parts of it will become visible or hidden, depending on the shape and size of the browser window. The lesson from this is that images with specific elements (such as text or people) aren't desirable. Landscapes or cityscapes are better since it doesn't matter so much if the image is sometimes cut off.

Download application form