What are precedents?

What are precedents?

Precedents are templated documents and guidance to help you draft specific documents for your clients. We provide precedents for companies and trusts which are grouped into useful categories. We also allow you to create your own precedents for your firm.

How are precedents used?

The Precedents section of your firm's Admin Tab provides you access to all our precedents and allows you to maintain your own. From this view you can simply download a precedent and edit it as you see fit.

However you will usually access precedents from within an entity workspace; simply access the entities documents section and select the "I would like to..." option to download a precedent. In an entity workspace, precedents will automatically be filtered so you only view those that apply to the entity type, as well as your firm's precedents. 

When accessing a precedent through an entity workspace, if the precedent supports merging then you may auto-populate fields within the precedent document directly from the information held against the entity. This may allow you to automatically generate named signature fields for trustee or shareholders, insert registered addresses or simply insert the current date. Some precedents support form-based configuration, allowing you to manually enter additional information prior to generating the document.

We have a colour coded "traffic-light" system which allows you to assign a level of knowledge required to use the precedent. This is really just a guideline for users, this system does not restrict staff at your firm from accessing or generating precedents.