Checklist - Things to do after setting up a new company


After you import a company from the Companies Office we suggest working through the tasks linked to below to tidy up and complete the company profile ready for future use.

These steps are detailed in order of priority:

  1. Merge Duplicate Contacts - We recommend following the process outlined here: Monthly Merge Check for Firm Administrators.

  2. Update the Subscription Plan (if necessary).

  3. Set your Registered Office and Filing Obligations.

  4. Set the manager and/or partner responsible for the company: Assigning Manager and Partner tags to your clients.

  5. Apply a business unit (if being used by your firm): Creating and Managing Business Units.

  6. Using the "edit" profile option in the top right of the company workspace select the correct signing policy for the company, set a balance date, annual review date and AGM date. 

  7. Upload historical company documents, see process here: Storing & accessing documents.

  8. Enter historical share registers, see process here: Share Register Management (Video).

  9. Invite in your clients. This is optional, see more on inviting in clients here: What Invited Company Clients Can See & Do. 

    We also have client engagement letter templates available if you would prefer to communicate with clients before inviting them in.