Retiring a trustee or beneficiary

This article describes how to retire a trustee or beneficiary from a Trust in Connectworks.


1. Retiring a trustee

2. Retiring a beneficiary

3. Removing access


Retiring a trustee 

1. Open the Trust and click on Parties. 
2. Select the trustee you will be retiring, place a tick next to the person/corporate trustee company. Click on the cogs and select edit


3. Click on Roles and place a tick on "Remove as Trustee"
4. Select the Date of removal and click update. 
In this example, the date is 12 Feb 2019


When you highlight the person/corporate trustee company the trusteeship now shows the dates the person was a trustee within the trust.




Retiring a beneficiary

1. Open the Trust and click on Parties.
2. Select the beneficiary you will be retiring, place a tick next to the person's name.
3. Click on cogs and select edit.


4. Click on Roles and place a tick on "Remove as Beneficiary"
5. Select the Date of removal and click Update and close 
In this example, the date is 01 Feb 2019


You will be returned to the main 'Associated parties' page, tick the box next to the person again. The beneficiary history now shows the dates the person was a beneficiary with the trust.



Removing access

Next, if the person/corporate trustee company no longer requires access to the trust:

1. Select Access rights in the edit profile screen.
2. Click on the drop-down menu and select No access.
3. Lastly, click Update and Close. 


NB. After retiring a trustee/beneficiary and removing access, the individual will be removed from the default list of associated parties, but will be retained as a historical association that can be reviewed using the "No Access" filter in the parties tab.

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