Connecting the Actionstep add-on

Connectworks provide the ability to integration with other practice management systems.

Presently we integrate with Xero Practice Manager and Actionstep.

NOTE: You need to have Firm Administrator access within Connectworks to have access to Settings and Add-ons. This access needs to be enabled initially by Connectworks, or later by your assigned firm administrator/s.  

Actionstep - Set up

Complete the following steps to add Actionstep as an add-on into Connectworks (NB. Ensure pop-ups are not blocked in your browser).

1. From your firm workspace click into the admin tab.

2. Select Add-ons from the top menu.

3. Select Actionstep from the drop down. 


4. Enter your email address and password for Actionstep and click Log in.

5. The following dialogue box will pop up requesting access.

6. Click Accept

7. Once you have successfully added Actionstep into Connectworks we recommend you log out and then log back into Connectworks. This ensures the option for importing a trust option is available in Connectworks.