How to create and distribute minutes & resolutions for approval

This article explains the process of creating a new resolution and distributing it to a company's directors for approval.

1. Navigate to the Company Workspace and then to the Directors tab.

2. Select the "Create new" button, and then chose from either:

  • Create a resolution for approval - this option enables you to simply type in the details of the resolution, and upload any supporting documents if desired.
  • Upload a resolution or minute - this option allows you to upload and distribute a prepared document for signing, whereby the signing process is completed as outline in our article Signing Documents - Companies

This article will focus on the first option above: Create a resolution for approval.


3. After selecting Create a resolution for approval you will be prompted to complete the title, background, wording of the matter to be resolved and uploading any supporting documents. Complete these details and then select Create in the top right.


4. After you create the resolution it will now appear in your minute book tab as "Unpublished" - just select the publish button and it will be distributed to the company directors for approval.03_unpublished.png 5. After publishing the document it will show in the minute book as "Awaiting approval" and a client will receive an email similar to the one pictured below:05_client_email.png

6. By clicking the link the director/s will then be prompted to approve or reject the resolution. The person who published the resolution will be notified by email when the client responds, as below:08_notification_email_.png

For more on the client view of this process see our article: Approving Resolutions as a Company Director

7. After the company signing policy has been met the resolution will appear as approved in the company minute book:09_resolution_approved.png