Account creation


This article will guide you through the process of creating a Connectworks account. Having access to Connectworks allows you to electronically sign documents, upload your own documents (either for private storage or you may choose to share access with your professional advisor for selected documents).

Depending on the subscription plan selected by your professional advisor you may simply have a personal workspace where you sign and store documents, or you can be extended enabling you to view a summary of the entities you are associated with, and/or collaborate in their management. 


To be able to create a Connectworks account as a non-professional user, you will need to be invited by a staff member of the firm that is responsible for managing your company or trust. There are two ways for an invitation to be sent, a direct invite or a request to sign a document for your entity. 

Direct invite:

You will receive an email (an example is shown below) asking to accept the invitation.


Required to sign a document?

An account is not necessary to complete the signing of a document in Connectworks. Your professional advisor simply emails you a link to the document (this link will come from the email address, whereby clicking the link will direct you to a copy of the document to review and sign digitally, or if preferred you can print it, physically sign, and either scan & email it back to your advisor, or return the signed copy in person. 


At the end of this digital signing process you will be given the option of creating a Connectworks account. If you create an account you will be required to log in to sign any documents your advisor sends via Connectworks in the future.



When you click on the Accept invitation button, you will be taken to a client portal which requires you to check your details (name and email address) and read and agree to the terms of use. Click the Register and accept button to register your email address with Connectworks.


This will prompt you to create a password for your account and log into Connectworks.


After you have verified your account you can log in to your personal workspace any time at

See more useful details to help you get started in our article Basic navigation for non-professional users.