Document signing (end user)


This article will guide you through the process of signing documents sent to you from Connectworks.  


1. Email

2. Login or Register

3. Accessing document

4. Methods of signing



When there is a document ready for you to sign for your company or trust in Connectworks, an email containing a link will be sent to you.


If the firm has sent you a link to sign only then the link will lead you to directly access and sign the document.



Login or Register

If the firm would like you to create a Connectworks account and sign from within, the link emailed to you will lead you to a registration page. Please refer to Account creation to guide you through the registration process.


Accessing document

Once you are logged into Connectworks, the documents ready for you to sign will appear on your dashboard under the Needs signing or approval section.

Simply click on the name of the document and the signing window will load.  



Methods of signing

Once you select the Approve and sign option, Connectworks offers three ways to sign documents; Draw your signature, use the default signature or upload a scanned signed copy of the document.

Select your signing option, click Next, enter your password to confirm signing and click Sign the document.