Updating director & registered office addresses


This article will outline the process of changing the registered office and director's address details of a company in Connectworks and automatically pushing the changes through to Companies Office.


1. Linking to Companies Office

2. Change registered office address

3. Change director details


Linking to Companies Office

Before making a change at Companies Office, you will need to ensure that the company along with your own account is linked to companies office. First check your own profile is linked as per our article here. Then you must ensure the company being updated is also linked to the Companies Office, to do this:

1. Navigate to your firms Clients>Companies tab.

2. Place a tick on the company you wish to connect to Companies Office.

3. Click on the cogs menu and select "edit profile".


4. In the Update client forms General details section click on the "Link to companies office" button.
Note- if this option appears as "Unlink from companies office" then the company is already linked and you will not need to make any changes.



Change registered office address

To change registered office address at Companies Office via Connectworks:

1. Navigate to Clients>Companies.
2. Search for and place a tick next to the name of the company you wish to update.
3. Click on the cogs on the top right-hand side and select "change registered office".


Change Director's details

To update the Director's details:

1. Navigate to the company's workspace section

2. On the top right-hand side, select the "File annual return button" 


3. In the annual return slide out panel, scroll down to the Directors' details and select "modify director's details". Within this section, you can change the date of appointment and/or retirement, email address, phone numbers and address. Once you have filled in the details, click "Save director". The changes will be updated with the Companies Office within 60 seconds.


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