Shareholder reports


This article will show you how to extract reports from the shareholding section of Connectworks and also defines all the different types of shareholder reports available in Connectworks.

To ensure that the reports you generate are accurate, you must first create a compliant share register. Basic Shareholding and Share Transactions will guide you through the process of creating a compliant share register.


1. How to download reports

2. Types of reports


How to download reports

1. In the Company workspace, navigate to the Shareholders tab

2. Within the share register overview, click on the "I would like to..." drop-down menu on the top right-hand side of the page. This will display the list of shareholder reports available in Connectworks.

3. Simply select any report to download it.



Types of reports 

Transaction report - Lists all transactions made in share register i.e. issues, sales, buy-back and share split. (can be exported in chronological order or sorted by allocation)

Capital report - Records all changes in capital i.e. changes in share price

History of ownership - Summary of the total shares held by each allocation over time (and where there are multiple share classes, by class). Since shareholdings remain unchanged until a share transaction is performed the timeline presented is based on when transactions have occurred (and the figures presented are those immediately after the transactions).

History of control - This report shows the percentage voting control each allocation has over time. Note that the percentage shown is the total control in the company and not that restricted to a given class of shares.

Shareholder continuity report - Use this report to assist in the evaluation of continuity of shareholder control in a company and the application of the shareholder continuity rules as per section YC of the New Zealand Income Tax Act 2007 ('the Act').

Compliance report s87(2)(a) - This report displays the names, alphabetically arranged, and the latest known address of each person who is, or has within the last 10 years been, a shareholder with respect to each class of shares.

Compliance report s87(1),(2)(b,c) - a report to assist firms with maintaining a share register that "records the shares issued by the company and states whether, under the constitution of the company or the terms of issue of the shares, there are any restrictions or limitations on their transfer; and where any document that contains the restrictions or limitations may be inspected" and in addition also includes details on "each class of shares, the number of shares of that class held by each shareholder within the last 10 years; and the date of any issue of shares to; or repurchase or redemption of shares from; or transfer of shares by or to each shareholder within the last 10 years, and in relation to the transfer, the name of the person to or from whom the shares were transferred".