Filing annual returns for companies with extensive shareholding


This article will guide you through the process of filing annual returns for companies that have an extensive shareholding.

Shareholders List

Companies Office requires a list detailing all share allocations and shareholders to be uploaded when filing annual returns for companies with extensive shareholding. This list can be generated from Connectworks. You must ensure that the share register of the company is up to date in Connectworks before generating the list, please see Share Transactions to guide you through the process.

To generate the shareholders' list from Connectworks:

1. Navigate to the Shareholders tab in the Company Workspace. 

2. Select the Share Register section at the top of the page.

3. Click I would like to... 

4. Select Compliance report s87(2)(a)


Begin filing

The workflow can be started just like any other company.

Once the workflow is in step 4 - Ready to file, the company needs to be filed from within the company's workspace (instead of the firm's WORK tab).


Opening the annual return from within the company workspace will enable you to upload the list of current shareholders, which is required when filing for companies with extensive shareholding.

Upload the list and click File return