Annual Returns Troubleshooting FAQ


This article outlines the common issues users experience when filing annual returns and possible resolutions to these issues.


1. The company I'm looking for doesn't appear in Annual Return Workflow

2. Workflow Displaying 'Filing Problem'

3. Filed in Connectworks but Companies Office has not updated

4. Client email address has changed

5. Filing dates showing incorrectly

6. Review client response to annual return extract


The company I'm looking for doesn't appear in Annual Return Workflow

By default, the annual return workflow will only display companies your firm has an obligation to file for in the upcoming month. The most common reason for companies not appearing in the workflow is because they need to have their filing obligation set.

Common issues and resolutions:

The applied filters will appear at the top of the workflow, you can remove the filters by selecting the 'x' next to it, or selecting another option in the left column.


Workflow Displaying 'Filing Problem'


Start by checking the "Recent Activity" section of the Company's workspace. There will be an error warning which will provide insight into the cause of the failure. recent_activity.png

Common issues and resolutions:

  • Personal Connectworks profile not logged in to Realme. 
    See more: Linking to Companies Office (RealMe)
  • RealMe account you have logged in with does not have authority to file.
    Check with Companies Office. Obtain authority or reconnect your Connectworks profile with the RealMe that has authority.

  • RealMe account does not have a direct debit enabled with the Companies Office.
    Check with the Companies Office and enable direct debit authority.

  • The company may have been removed from the register, or may be in its first year of incorporation and therefore does not require filing.


Filed in Connectworks but Companies Office has not updated 

If you have filed successfully the Companies Office will update in less than a minute. If this hasn't happened then the return has not filed.

The most common cause for this is inadvertently closing the workflow without completing the final declaration. In this situation, you simply need to enter the company workspace, select "file return" in the top right of the dashboard, complete the declaration and file.



Client email address has changed

See our article Resending annual return verification extract to clients


Filing dates showing incorrectly

If the last known filing date in your workflow isn't appearing correctly you can easily refresh this date. Simply hover to the right of the company in the workflow and select "Retrieve last filing". This will reset the connection with the Companies Office and update the last known filing detail.

It is important that this action is only performed the workflow is displaying either "Not started" or "Complete" - in any other workflow step retrieving the last filing date will close the workflow.



Review client response to the annual return extract

If you need to review the client response to the annual return extract after you have finished filing the return (or because the workflow was accidentally closed before filing) you can access this by navigating to your firms main dashboard, then the "Workflow" tab in the centre of the dash, then search for the company, as pictured below:


Click "Open" and you will be redirected to the company workspace with the workflow available on the right.

Return to step "Gather changes from client" and then click the link "Companies Office Extract (responses)" to review.