Resending link to sign documents - Companies


In cases where clients take a long time to open and sign documents or the email sent to them gets lost or deleted you may need to resend the link to sign documents, this article will guide you through the process of resending the document link to the client.
Please note to send a document to a client for e-signing through Connectworks, please see Signing Documents.


Re-sending document signing email to clients

To re-send the document to clients for signing, you will need to amend signatories and re-publish the document:
1. Navigate to the document depository
2. Place a tick next to the document you wish to resend
3. Click on the cogs and select amend signatories
4. Within the amend signatories form, remove and re-add the client as a signatory
5. Once the signatories have been updated, you will need to re-distribute the document for signing. Place a tick next to the document once again, click on the cogs and select distribute for signing
This will send a new email to the client with a link to sign the document through Connectworks.