Monthly Merge Check for Firm Administrators


We recommend all firms perform a monthly merge check to ensure the Contacts list is maintained in a tidy manner. The easiest way to identify if any duplicate profiles which have been created during the course of the month is to download a .csv file of your Contacts list and use the "match duplicate values" function in Microsoft Excel to quickly identify any double ups.

1. From your firm workspace go to Clients>Contacts.

2. Select the "I would like to..." dropdown menu and "Export list (CSV)".

3. Open the Excel file when the download is complete.

4. Select the header for Column A to highlight all cells containing client names.

5. Navigate to the "Conditional Formatting" menu.


6. In the Conditional Formatting menu select "Highlight Cell Rules" then "Duplicate Values". You will then be asked to confirm your selection. Select yes and you will find all duplicate contacts are now highlighted red.


7. Return to Connectworks, locate these clients in your Clients>Contacts list and complete the merging process for all duplicates.