How to remove a duplicate contact with a log in account or completed Centrix check


When a client has a Connectworks login account or a completed Centrix check, you may be unable to merge their profile. Instead, the duplicates must be removed manually in their associated entities, and replaced with the correct contact profile.


1. From the Clients>Contacts list locate the duplicate to be removed (always the profile with no login account/Centrix record).

2. Identify the duplicate profile to be removed, select the person with the tick box, scroll down to the related associations that show at the bottom of the slide-out.

3. Click the link to enter into the workspace of the Company/Trust that shows a relationship with the duplicate contact (if there is more than one associated entity you need to repeat this process for each entity).

4. In the Company/Trust workspace navigate to the Admin*  tab in the left column.
*For trusts, this tab is called Parties


5. Select the tick box by of the person and use the cogs drop down to select "edit profile" of the contact - place a Z in front of the person's surname so you can identify it as the duplicate to be removed. Update & close.

6. Select the "add person" button and then search for the person as an “existing contact”. Add the correct profile (the version not showing a Z). Assign their role/s as a director, trustee beneficiary etc. (if applicable). Update & close.

7. Select the Z duplicate and use the cogs to “edit profile”. Remove them from any assigned roles using the "I made a mistake, remove from history" option. Update & Close.


Steps 8-11 will only apply if there are share parcels assigned to the Z contact, which need to be reassignedIf there are no share parcels to reassign, skip to step 12.

8. If the Z contact is showing as a shareholder enter the Shareholders>Allocations tab in the company profile.

9. Select the Z individual and then “change parties” in the cogs dropdown.


10. Add the correct profile to the share parcel, and remove the Z version (leaving the commencement & retirement date fields blank). Then select Update.


11. Repeat this process for all share parcels showing the Z person (if more than one).

12. Now return to the Admin tab, where the Z person should show “no assigned role” beneath their name. If this appears you can select the Z person with the tick box, then using the cogs drop down you can now delete them.

13. Finally, return to the overall Clients>Contacts list. Locate the Z person. If there are no related associations showing against their name when selected with the tick box, you can now discard the Z profile using the cogs menu.

14. If they are showing associations to more entities you need to work through this process for each entity, adding the correct profile and assigning their role for each company, before un-assigning the Z contact from their role, deleting them from the Company/Trust admin profile and then finally discarding the Z contact from your Clients>Contacts list.