Creating document packs


Document packs allow you to send a collection (or ‘pack’) of documents to your clients to sign. We recommend only assigning natural persons (i.e. not trusts or companies) as signatories to documents. Please note that this functionality is still in its beta stage, which means it's still under development. 


1. Creating a document pack

2. Accessing a document pack


Creating a document pack

To create a document pack within Connectworks, navigate to the document packs section of the product: Work tab>Document packs>Packs

Create the pack

Select I would like to… Create a document pack

  1. Give it a title
  2. Add a description (optional). This will appear in the body of the pack.
  3. Due date (optional)


Add the participants

Participants are:

  • Clients (entities) the documents relate to
  • Signatories
  • People you want to be able to access the pack (not necessarily signatories)

To add participants, select 'Contact' and search for the person or entity.


Upload documents

  1. There are two ways to upload documents to the pack; Drag and drop the documents into the pack or select I would like to... Upload document
  2. Document classification - Select the entity to which the documents relate to from the dropdown, the document will be stored within the document depository of that entity.
  3. Add any tags (optional)
  4. Set instructions
    • Please read
    • Retain for your records
    • Required to be signed
  5. Select Create


Please note - Where more than 1 document is being uploaded, you can check the box to separate or combine them.

Add signatories

  1. Select a document under the Preparing for signing heading
  2. Click on amend signatoriesScreen_Shot_2019-07-08_at_1_50_41_PM.png
  3. Search for the signatory, and select any instance of them (Please only set natural people)
  4. Set a signing method


Publish pack

Once all the participants are added, the documents are uploaded and the signatories are assigned, the document pack needs to be published to distribute it to the signatories.
To publish the back, select I would like to... Publish pack


 Accessing a document pack

To access document packs through the firm:

  1. Navigate to the Work tab and select Document packs
  2. Enter the name of the document pack you wish to access in the search bar located on the left-hand side of the page

To access document packs as a client (signatory):

Once the document pack is published, the signatories will be sent an email with a link which will direct them to the document pack. Alternatively, it is also accessible from the client's personal dashboard. The documents will be located under Needs signing or approval.

For more information about the signing process, please see Document signing (end-user).