8. CDD Workflow Step 4: Perform CDD



1. Navigate to the "Perform CDD" subsection in the left-hand column. A list of the CDD candidates will appear displaying the ID verification information that was added against the individuals in the first step Adding evidence and making a determination, their AML/CFT relationships to the entity and source of funds.

  • Identity verification - collect and verify name D.O.B. and address of candidate (Name, NZBN and registered address for non-natural candidates)
  • AML/CFT relationships - Record and provide evidence of Beneficial ownership and confirm the authority to act on behalf of the client.
  • PEP and Source of funds - Determine whether the candidate is politically exposed and provide evidence of the source of funds for the candidate if required. (PEP is non-applicable for a non-natural entity)

Select ‘Update’ next to each of the above-mentioned sections to add information (or “collect and verify” for the identity verification section)

2. If the evidence from a prior determination displaying is correct you can select "Use this".

3. If a person's information needs updating, or a person does not have an ID determination appearing, select "Collect & Verify" to make a new determination. You can also update the "PEP and source of funds".

4. Click update once this section has been completed.


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CDD Workflow Step 5: Source of Funds


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