3. Send the Annual Return extract to clients for verification

Once you have completed the steps required for setting up your profile to enable Annual Return filing and have checked the companies due for filing are set up correctly you're all set to begin filing. This can be done in bulk lots of up to 15 at a time, or for companies individually.

Connectworks have a draft letter template available here to help firms engage with their clients about the annual return process. We find that distributing this letter to clients prior to sending the company extract greatly improves the client response rate. 

How to send the verification extract

1. Ensure you have filtered the Annual Return workflow in the left column by:

  • Files Return
  • This Month
  • Needs Attention

Important: If client email addresses are missing the next step will result in errors. To prevent this you can enter your own email (or a generic firm email address) and contact clients to ascertain if there have been any changes to the company, then respond to the verification email on their behalf.

2. Select up to 15 companies with the tick-box. Then click on the three dots at the top right of the list and select “start workflow and send extract”. 

If this option is not available, you have selected more than 15 companies. Deselect companies until it becomes available.

This will generate an Annual Return verification email which is sent directly to the client (more on this below). You will also receive a copy of this email via Bcc, which can be used to follow up with any non-responsive clients by forwarding it to them as a reminder.

In most circumstances, you will want to generate an annual return extract for the client to verify. If you're filing for a company that doesn't require an extract to be verified (for example corporate trustee companies) you can skip this step and just use "File annual return" option instead.

After sending the Annual Return verification extract all selected companies will update in the workflow list from “Workflow not started” to “2 - Awaiting response

Tip: To quickly select a list of companies select the first companies tick-box, hold shift and then select the last companies tick box. Everything between these companies will be selected.


Client view of the annual return verification email

After selecting “start workflow and send extract" the client will receive a verification email from noreply@connectworksmail.com, and you will also receive a copy via Bcc. Below is an example of this email. Your firm name will appear in place of "Connectworks Training Firm".

A Connectworks account is not required for clients to complete the annual return verification.
The client can either confirm the details are correct or advise of any required updates using the links contained at the bottom of the email.



Next step:

Client advises no changes: Workflow step 4 - Ready to file