Navigating the new Connectworks layout (Nov 2019)

In November Connectworks released a new gallery layout. The update makes information about your clients more visible, simplifies updating client information and provides enhanced functionality for adding associated parties into entity profiles.

This update affects many areas in Connectworks, although users will find it familiar as it is similar to the existing layout of the firm's Work Tab. Below we've outlined some of the the key changes. If you need any help finding your way around or using the enhanced features, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at or on 0800 456 580.


1. Clients tab - New Gallery Layout

2. Edit Associated Parties now available in an Entity's Edit form

3. New Associated Parties Gallery Layout within Client Workspaces

4. Add associated parties to AML only subscriptions and contact Companies and Trusts


Clients Tab - New Gallery Layout

Likely the first thing users will notice is the new look in the firm's Clients Tab.

When you access the Clients Tab you'll find all of your firm's subscribed entities appearing together in your main client's list (that's every company, trust and individual managed by your firm, which your staff access rights allow you to access). 

View a particular entity type by selecting from companies, trusts or individuals in the top menu (highlighted in the screenshot below).

Apply filters for Partner, Manager and Business Unit in the left column.

Filtering by letter of the alphabet is now also displayed in the left column.

The cogs menu is gone but don't worry! It has been replaced by the "edit" function available when you hover over the right of the company in the list:

More menu options are available when you select the tick box of the entity. The slide-out panel will appear and each section can be updated by clicking the available "update", "change" or "assign" links throughout the form. 

You can also filter by Setup status in the left column. The setup status is edited via the "Client Administration" section of the edit profile form. This enables firms to track their progress completing client profiles and to easily identify profiles that have outstanding actions required or important information that staff should be aware of.

You can apply a flag against clients, selecting from: Alert, Attention, For review, Preparing
Assigning the "Set up complete" status will remove the flag.

Notes can also be added and will appear in the profile slideout and in the entity's workspace. 


Edit Associated Parties now available in an Entity's Edit form 

Previously in Connectworks you had to add/edit associated parties via the Admin/Parties tab in the entities workspace. Now we've made it even easier! When you select the edit option in the client gallery there's now a tab containing associated parties. From here you can review, add and edit people & other entities relationships with this client.  

The search box here looks for people already set up as associated parties to the entity. If searching doesn't bring up the person/entity you're looking for, you can add a new associated party simply by selecting the "Add associated party" button in the top right corner.

You will be directed to a new form which will require you to search your existing contactsJust type the name of the person you want to add. If they appear in the list below, hover next to their name to add them into the entity. You'll then be asked to assign their role in the entity as well as access rights. This does not invite the client into Connectworks, this is a separate process explained in detail here.

If the person/entity you want to add doesn't appear when searched, use "Add new instead".


New Associated Parties Gallery Layout within Client Workspaces

Client workspaces have also been updated. As per the screenshot below, the associated parties gallery within entity workspaces now looks just like your main client gallery. 

Just like in the clients' list, you can quickly edit the associated party or invite them into Connectworks by hovering over the right of the associated party list.

If preferred, select the tick box and the slide-out panel will appear where each section of the associated parties profile can be updated by clicking the "update" links throughout the form. 


Add associated parties to AML only subscriptions and contact Companies and Trusts

This is designed to help users see through to the ultimate beneficial ownership of their clients to improve both your AML/CFT and shareholder continuity tracking processes. You are now able to add associated party relationships to entities subscribed on the AML only subscription plan, as well as non-client companies and trusts in your firm's Contacts list. This means that, for example, if one of your client companies has another (non-client) company as a shareholder, you can record the directors and shareholders of the shareholding company. There's no limit to how deep the nested relationships can go. You can build out an entity's complete ownership and control structure to see and calculate the shareholding and beneficial ownership. Learn more here.