How to import client profiles from XPM (Xero Practice Manager/WorkflowMax)

Connect the XPM / WorkflowMax add-on

You will need to enable the add-on before you will be able to import client profiles using this integration. See our article here to get set up: XPM / WorkflowMax Add-on

This integration can then be used to import profiles from XPM into Connectworks for:

  • Company clients - including all the individuals and other associations the XPM profile contains (eg. Directors, Shareholders, Trusts/Companies as a Shareholders)
  • Trust clients - including all the individuals and other associations the XPM profile contains (eg. Trustees, Beneficiaries, Corporate Trustee Companies)
  • Individual clients

Important: Please be aware that companies imported from XPM will not be linked to the Companies Office. This will result in additional manual work such as updating the share register and connecting to the Companies Office. Instead, we recommend setting up companies by manual loading or bulk import, then linking the company to XPM, as per: How to connect existing clients in Connectworks to XPM (Xero Practice Manager/WorkflowMax)

Importing from XPM / WorkflowMax

After setting up the add-on, to import a company, trust or individual:

1. Navigate to your firms Clients tab

2. Select the I would like to... button

4. Select Import from other system

5. In the Add client slide out panel which appears search for the client by either scrolling through the list or typing the name into the search bar.

6. Once you have located the entity to import, select the Import button which is available on the right when hovering over the entity.


7. In the subsequent screen you will be asked to complete additional details prior to importing the profile. Some fields on the form are mandatory. The Create button will be grey until all mandatory fields are completed. After this it will turn blue and the profile will be created as soon as the button is selected.

Mandatory fields

For companies: company type and subscription plan

For trusts: trust type and subscription plan

For individuals: subscription plan


After import

After successfully importing an entity there will be some details which require checking in Connectworks. Please see the following article/s for information on checking the entity type/s you have imported.

Completing a Company Profile After XPM Import

Completing a Trust Profile After XPM Import