How to sync information between Connectworks & XPM (Xero Practice Manager/WorkflowMax)


To synchronise client information between XPM there are two prerequisite steps:

1. You must have enabled the XPM add on in your Connectworks firm Admin tab, as per: Connecting the XPM or WorkflowMax Add-on

2. The Connectworks client profile must be linked to the XPM client profile. 
This will happen automatically for all client profiles imported into Connectworks from XPM. For all other profiles they must be manually linked, as explained here: How to link existing clients in Connectworks to XPM

How to sync information

1. Navigate to the Clients Tab and locate the client to have information synced to/from XPM.

2. Select the tick box of the client so the slide out panel appears.

3. Scroll down the slide out panel until you reach the section Connections to add ons.

  • This section will display the fields available for sync.
  • Any fields which hold different information in Connectworks & XPM will display in red, as per the Email, Primary phone and Physical address pictured below.
  • After synchronising the titles for the resolved differences will return to grey and the sync button will no longer appear.

4. Where there are differences between systems, a sync button will display in the bottom right of the add-ons section. Click this to open the sync screen.


5. Select the tick boxes for the pieces of information which are correct and you wish to push from one system to the other. The >> arrows indicate which direction the data will be pushed in.

You can pick and choose which items to push in which direction, and apply changes in both directions simultaneously.

In the below example, the tick boxes for information are selected and the >> arrows indicate this information will be pushed into the blank fields in Connectworks. XPM_sync_screen.png

In the next example, information is being synchronised between both systems. The website & other phone number will push from Connectworks into XPM, while the primary phone number will push from XPM into Connectworks:


If you are unsure if the information displaying in the Connections to add ons section in the slide out panel is correct, the information
 can be refreshed manually by clicking the refresh button on the bottom-right. It will also refresh automatically whenever the clients Connectworks profile is updated and saved using the Edit form. The panel will also display the date the details were last refreshed.