How to Edit Trust Profiles

After a trust has been imported profiles can be edited in three ways:

1. Using the edit button from the Clients gallery:

2. Using the update buttons in the slide out panel:

3. Entering the trust workspace (by clicking on the name) and then selecting edit in the top right corner of the workspace:

After selecting edit you will be directed to the update trust form, where you can add/edit all the essential details about the entity.

Navigate between the tabs on the left, select update to save information in each tab, or update and close to exit the form.

Fields available to edit in the profile are: 

General Details

  • Legal name
  • Trading name (if different)
  • Type of trust (Family, Estate, Trading, Charitable, Investment, Farming, Business value protection, Living, Property, Testamentary, Standby, Other)
  • Trustee decisions require Unanimous/Majority approval
  • General notes on the terms of the trust
  • Investment strategy notes
  • Account number
  • Notes on banking arrangements

Client Administration

  • Business unit (see more here)
  • Partner (see more here)
  • Manager (see more here)
  • Client reference
  • Practice management ID
  • Registered office & filing obligation (see more here)
  • Set up status (see more here)
  • Annual review date

Contact Details

  • Email address (primary contact)
  • Website
  • Primary phone number
  • Other phone number
  • Physical address
  • Postal address

Dates & Events

  • Date of settlement
  • Vesting date
  • Vesting event
  • Gifting (anniversary) date
  • Annual general meeting

Tax & Finances

  • Tax residency country
  • Tax ID number
  • Other tax number
  • Tax code
  • Files tax return 
  • Annual balance date
  • Subject to FATCA reporting 
  • Giin

Notes & Comments

  • Summary notes

Associated Parties