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Director Updates (add)

Updating Director address information and pushing it to Companies Office

Connectworks allows you easily update the Director's address information and push the update to the Companies Office.

To update the company information, your RealMe login must be linked to Connectworks.

Linking to the Companies Office

Before making a change at the Companies Office, you will need to ensure that the company along with your own account is linked to the Companies Office.

Add a new Director

1. Navigate to Clients, Companies select the company, click on the 3 dots and select 'edit Companies Office', or click "edit Companies Office' under "I would like to" from the Company Workspace tab

2. Select Director, and move the mouse onto 'Add a Director', a dialogue window will appear to enter the required information for the new Director.

The following information is required for the new Director:

  • Appointment Date

  • Full legal name (First and Last name mandatory fields)

  • Phone number

  • Mobile number

  • Fax number

  • Email address

  • Date of birth

  • Place of birth (Town or City)

  • Country of birth

  • Address line 1

  • Address line 2 (Suburb)

  • City

  • Postcode

  • Country

Once you've entered the directors' details, Click Add Director and an email with the consent form will be sent for the person to sign and return.

The proposed director will complete the consent form, and send it to the Companies Office. If accepted, the Companies Office will advise the Director has been confirmed.

Please note: this step (Add Director) does not update Connectworks, it is recommended that you update the person's address information in Company. For more information see Creating Profiles for Directors and Other Associated Parties