How to invite Clients into Connectworks

Inviting clients into Connectworks

Connectworks users from professional firms can invite the people associated with their client entities (where an entity could be a trust, a company, or even an individual) to use Connectworks and work collaboratively on the entity's governance. When a person accepts their first invitation to use Connectworks, a Personal Workspace is created for them from which they can access the Workspaces of the entities they've been invited to join.

NB. Invitations to join Connectworks are sent via email. To be able to invite users into Connectworks, you must include their email addresses in their Connectworks profile.

If you have imported a company from the Companies Office, all directors & shareholders will have a profile automatically set up in Connectworks pre-populated with the publicly available information held at the Companies Office at the time of import. If the client is part of a trust already loaded in Connectworks they will also have an existing profile. It is best to check if the client has an existing profile before setting up a new one.

Invite your Clients

1. Navigate to your firm's Clients>Contacts list.

2. Type the individual's name into the search bar. If this search reveals multiple copies of the client Merge all duplicate profiles before inviting the client.

3. If the individual does not appear in your contacts search you will need to set up a new profile for them. Please see our articles here:

4. Once you've located or created the profile for the person you want to invite, navigate to the entity workspace which you would like them to access. The individual's name will appear in the People & Employees tab within the Company's Workspace (for trusts this tab is called Parties).

5. Click the 'Invite' button next to the individual's name.
*If there is no email address recorded in the profile you will be asked to confirm the email address to which the invitation is sent. Click 'OK', and the invitation will be sent.

6. The person will receive an email containing a link for them to finalise setting up their account.

7. If you wish to cancel the invitation you can select the Rescind button which now shows in place of the Invite button - this will automatically withdraw the invitation and deactivate the link emailed to the client. You may still choose to re-send the invitation at any time.

Companies' clients are invited in via the Admin tab. For Trusts invite clients in via the Parties tab.

After sending an invitation the person will receive an email containing a link for them to finalise setting up their account.