How to Edit Individual Profiles

How to Edit Individual Profiles

After an individual has been set up, a profile can be edited as follows


After selecting edit you will be directed to the update individual form, where you can add/edit all the essential details about the person. Navigate between the tabs on the left, select Update to save information in each tab, or Update and Close to exit the form.

Fields available to edit in the profile are:


General Details

  • Name

    • Name of Person (First, Middle and Last Name*)

    • Trading name (if different)

Contact Details

  • General

    • Email

    • Website

    • Primary phone

    • Other phone

  • Physical and Postal address

Tax & Finances

  • Tax residency country

  • IRD Number

  • GST Number

  • Tax code

  • Files tax return (not aware/yes/no)

  • Balance date

Personal Info

  • Date of birth

  • Location of birth

    • Place

    • Country

  • Date of Death


Practice Management integration Add-ons

  • Xero Practice Manager (XPM)

  • APS

Firm only

Client Admin

  • Management

    • Business unit (see more here)

    • Partner and Manager (see more here)

  • General

    • Client reference (Reference or matter number)

    • Annual review date

  • Lifecycle

    • Set up status (see more here)

    • Summary notes

PEP and Funds

Politically Exposed Person (PEP)

  • This person is politically exposed?

    • Exposure not yet determined

    • Is exposed

    • In not exposed

  • Details on the nature of exposure

  • This approved to proceed?

    • Approval not yet determined

    • Is approved

    • Is not approved

  • Evidence of approval

Personal source of wealth

  • Source of wealth not required

Identity info

All current and past determinations made for the person

  • Collect evidence to start a new determination

    • Add electronic evidence

    • Add physical (documentary) evidence

      • Driver's licence (Name and DoB)

      • Passport (Name and DoB)

      • Birth certificate (Name and DoB)

      • Utility bill (or similar) (Name and Address)

      • NZ firearms licence (Name and DoB)

      • Other identification (Name, DoB and Address)